WIKI for the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference by Sharon Betts
20 ways to use Google in your Classroom

Google offers a myriad of online applications.
Accounts Logo
Accounts Logo
In order to use them fully, you will need (or your students will need) an account. Google offers schools the ability to upload students and to use a special domain name. Talk to your techies.

Make your account here.

When you create a Google Account, you automatically gain access to Google services, including Web History, Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheets, Google Alerts, iGoogle and many more. To manage your account and applications, click the "My Account" link from the Google homepage and click "Edit" next to "My services."


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  • A look at Google Applications
  • Using 8 applications in a research project (Googling)
  • Downloads
  • Feedback and continued discussion
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